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Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit

“…A Simple, Foolproof and Easy-to-Use Poker Kit that Will Give YOU the Tools Needed To Become a 100% Guaranteed Winning Poker Player…So You’ll Never Have to Gamble Away a Single Dollar Ever Again!”
Lock your doors, blind your windows, and unhook your phone! Study every word of this letter because it’s that important!

Dear Poker Players,

Are you tired of losing your hard earned money at a poker table? Wouldn’t you like to play poker with complete confidence and not worry about gambling your cash away?

If so, I know you’ll find this letter to be extremely valuable. Because I’m going to show you precisely how to generate poker income 100% of the time and generate positive Cash flow for yourself through the game of No Limit Texas Holdem!

The growth trend of Texas Holdem and the new popularity of the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour have actually created some amazing income opportunities. Everyone wants a piece of the action. The game of choice, no limit Texas Holdem, is being played in thousands of casinos, card rooms, online sites, and households across the World. Isn’t it time you started profiting off the game of Texas Holdem?
Generate Income from Poker 100% of the Time

So, what do you do to make guaranteed cash from the game of Texas Holdem? Well, I’ll reveal to you my effective techniques, a full-proof system, some of which are actually so simple to learn, they should be banned!

A system that actually “forces” poker players to hand over their money willingly, and the players happily do so.

These techniques have been in front of your eyes all this time, it’s ridiculous how only a hand full of players are using it today to make a sure profit.

I will say with 100% confidence, when I uncover to you my poker system, you’ll be furious that you didn’t think of many of them yourself. But, that fury will instantly turn into joy and excitement with the possibilities of applying these techniques and start making immediate results.

After learning this system, you will stop worrying about losing your money and start having fun with poker and generate additional income for yourself in the game you love and enjoy: Texas Holdem.

The Dangerous Poker Myth That Many Player’s Fall Into

Let’s face it, poker has some skill, but LUCK plays a major factor. Many players claim that, “luck is short-term and in the long-term there is no luck” which may be relatively true. But if you think about it, the poker players who turned out to win millions, became BROKE many times before getting there “lucky break.” Wouldn’t you rather have a system that let’s you make money 100% of the time, and that’s it?

The mere thought of reading a so-called 600+ page “Super System” on poker, telling you “You must get in there and gamble” makes my stomach turn.

Honestly, do you think these professional poker players are going to tell you anything new? You’re going to get the same information you probably already know - We all know you got to be aggressive. We all know it’s better to bet rather than call. We all know your table position is important. We don’t need another five-pound poker book to tell me that.

I’ll tell you the truth… You see all these so-called poker pros on the internet or television. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Most of these poker pros make their main income selling their overpriced books and seminars that you can now learn on any FREE poker website on the internet today. They have no “secrets”.

Let’s get something straight…

This is not a typical “Hot to Play Texas Holdem” Book.
This is not a 400+ page Strategy Guide that will bore you.
This is not a get rich scheme to make you a million bucks overnight.

If that’s what you were thinking, that’s where you’re mistaken. You will make a guaranteed profit without playing Texas Holdem at all; Methods used to make literally hundreds of dollars a night.
Stop Gambling Your Money Away and Start Making Money with My Poker System Today

Books I’ve seen claim you can start making an easy living playing poker online or offline. If you think you can make an easy living off poker without the appropriate leverage, you’re only kidding yourself. Without leverage, your poker career is destined to spiral into a hole.

What you really need to increase your profits and earning potential is to take a fresh, objective, a completely logical poker system that can guarantee you 100% income every time you use it.

Not only will this poker survival kit give you techniques for you to succeed today, it will show you how to implement these strategies without gambling your hard-earned dollars away.
Start Earning Poker Cash Flow within the Next Few Days

Let me say something straight off the bat, this package is NOT like anything you’ve seen before. This is the easiest, most reliable way of making a profit with poker. You can start increasing your earning potential by ordering your personal copy today.

In my package, the “Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit”, I cut to the chase with my prime money making poker system, those you can begin to use immediately.

Once you get your hands on the “Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit”, you will be receiving…

Mind Your Own Poker Business
“Rake in the Cash without even Playing at All…”

How to make cash without even playing at all and earn profits every time! My full-proof system of making money and using unique techniques are so basic, anybody can use them.

Start playing Texas Holdem for fun and not for a living, and still make huge earnings. Play whenever you want and not worry about going negative with your earnings.

Earn an average of $200.00 a night. $200, $300, or $1000 a night… Your earning potential is up to you.

How to become a poker affiliate and start making money online using Texas Holdem. Create a fortune right now referring poker players to poker websites.

How to create a profitable and successful poker website that gets traffic.

How to turn poker players into your bread and butter.

Make your poker business more efficient and shave off your work days.

Online Texas Holdem Secrets Revealed!
(Extended Version)
“Cheat Your Online Poker Competitors Out of Their Money!”

Online Holdem secrets only a hand full of online players know about.

A few key important factors you need to be aware of while playing online.

Maximize your online earning potential by using multi-tables.

The online Texas Holdem, hole card, cheat sheet! Know exactly what cards to check, bet or raise with…

A software program that cheats your online competitors out of their money! A Must Read!

Sit n’ Go Super Strategies
“Strategies to Place into the Money…”

Sit and Go Tourney’s (SNG) are becoming the game of choice for most No Limit Holdem Players… I’ll break down and simplify strategies you can use to guarantee your spot into the money!

SNG strategies only the top tournament players know to use to make it into the money 75% of the time!

How to use BAD HOLE CARDS to your advantage…And trick your opponents into thinking your a loose cannon!

Learn when to change gears and confuse your competitors.

Like Doyle Brunson said, “You must get in there and gamble…” Learn when and how to get into a pot and force your opponents to fold their hand.

PokeRelax Album
“Ease Your Tension at All your Poker Games…”

The game of Texas Holdem can become very stressful whether you play it live or online. Discover how you can ease your tension at a poker table, while still being focused. The best kept secret professional poker pros like Daniel Negraneu use to calm their nerves at major poker events!

Over twenty minutes of tension easing sound tracks that will keep you sane while you play Texas Holdem Live or Online…

Listen to calm and relaxing sounds of the beach, ocean, or a rainy day.

Download Mp3 formatted tracks, so you can upload it into your iPod, Mp3 player, or copy it onto a CD for your stereo.

The only poker relaxation album available to download on the internet!

OK, So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Nothing, it’s free!

The Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit Includes…

Mind Your Own Poker Business $49.95

Online Texas Holdem Secrets Revealed! (Extended Version) $19.99

Sit n’ Go Super Strategies $19.99

PokeRelax Album $19.99

You get the “Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit” for free!

You have nothing to lose with my Iron Clad, No-Risk

I am extremely confident that you will absolutely love the “Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit”, because I have spent a lot of effort making my product live up to the claims I make on this website. If you’re tired of losing your hard earned money at poker… If you want to stop gambling your cash away… If you want to take control of your earnings, create leverage, and start making a profit, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer.
I want to make this happen for you.

Are YOU ready to take things to the NEXT LEVEL?

If the answer is “Yes”, then RIGHT NOW is the time to take action. Click on this button to get started…

Download eBook Now!

So now that I’ve told you about this no risk way to substantially create 100% guaranteed income using the game of Texas Holdem, the next move is up to you. If you’re tired of losing your hard earned money at poker… If you want to s

top gambling your cash away… If you want to take control of your earnings, create leverage, and start making a profit, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer.
So why not give my guide a try right now?

To Your Success,

P.S. If you came across this website looking for information on finding out how you can profit off the game of Texas Holdem without gambling a single dollar, this guide is for you. No other poker related product offers such valuable, in-depth, unique, and no BS insight on this exciting topic. With this guide, you’ll be able to learn how to rake in cash, earn an average of $200, $500, $1000 per night, become a poker affiliate and make 100% instant profit and so much more!

P.P.S. You simply can’t lose. Receive the Holdem Hustler’s Guide plus the 4 Bonuses for FREE!

P.P.P.S. The sooner you get the “Holdem Hustler Super Survival Kit”, the sooner you will be able to Start Making a 100% Guaranteed Income and Never Worry About Gambling a Single Dollar Away Ever Again! So give my super survival kit a try right now?

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